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not released yet:
- Frederik has come up with (and commited in CVS) an even better way of handling multiple database support.
- The new package layout has been put in place. dk.nullesoft.* is now obsolete and is replaced by the dk.highflier.airlog.* hierarchy

0.53 second edition:
- Off by one error causing ArrayOutOfBoundsException fixed on SpeedInput form, fixed
- SpeedInput did not calculate the last flight correctly when "flighttime/number of flights" was a decimal figure, fixed
- SpeedInput did not save state of captain, instructor, passenger correctly, fixed
- Countries and languages now shows the description and not the code on the pilot editing form.

version 0.53:
- Bug causing multiple similar entries in dropdowns fixed.
- Logging now done by Log4J.
- It has been decided to change the table layout in order to store weather data for each flight.
- Several forms more pleasing to the eye now.
- SpeedInput introduced.
- Subtotals should work on report form.
- Oracle driver introduced, dates more localized.
- Aboutbox, tooltips on mainform.

version 0.52:
- precise validation of inputdata on flight dialog added.
- Update thread on flight dialog is now killed on window.closed().
- Updating of fields works again!

Alpha version 0.51 released. This is our fist public preview:
- Steve Brown welcomed - will produce MySQL database drivers.
- InstantDB 3.2, alpha packaging initiated, website changed.

- Window placements / table column widths/positions now remembered between sessions (Frederik). - Icons reworked, now more similar in function.
- New programmer (Allan Steenbæk) on the team. We look forward to a printed report.
- Pilot dialog added.

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