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Airlog mk. II

Latest version is alpha-0.53-2. Download it from here.

Java Runtime Enviroment 1.2.2 (JRE) or better must be installed in order to run Airlog. To find out, if you have an appropriate version installed, type "java -fullversion" at a command promt.

Version 1.3 will in the near future be a requirement in order to run Airlog. It seems however that there are some minor issues on the Linux platform. If you must download a JRE, download version 1.3. It is our intention to stay with version 1.3 for a significant time, as it performs well and has as nice set of features built in.

JRE version 1.2.2 is here

JRE version 1.3 is here

Airlog mk. I

The original Windows based program (still a beta) is here.

Airlog: http://airlog.sourceforge.net
E-mail: Per Jensen or Frederik Hansen

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