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  • Use SQL database servers for data storage and retrieval. Deliver Airlog with InstantDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Use the database systems to ensure the data's integrity.
  • Be able to scale. Number of pilots and flights limited by database. Virtually unlimited.
  • Separation of flights in 3 categories: "Captain", "Instructor" and "Not captain"
  • Report flights for each aeroplane type for the 3 categories.
  • Printable reports
  • Calculate Training Barometer as defined by the Danish Soaring Association. Show it on the main as LED's
  • "Fit for Flight" / "Fit for Insctruction"
  • Flights shall be editable in table form.
  • SpeedInput of many similar flights.

What works now

  • Airlog connects to 3 database systems out of the box, the backends are Oracle, PostgeSQL and InstantDB
  • Database creation via dialog when Airlog initializes for the first time
  • Login form when configured as a multiuser system.
  • Pilot data ( name, address, date of PFT, date of medical and more ) dialog implemented
  • Main form with nice looking toolbar, menu, message bar and Training Barometer
  • Dialog form for new/edit flight.
  • SpeedInput for multiple similar flights.
  • Reporting with optional subtotaling for each year. Reporting is done for each aeroplane type for a given category ( Captain, not captain and instructor )
  • Airlog is localized, comes of out the box with english and danish texts
  • Logging done by Log4J.

Not implemented yet

  • Import of Airlog mk. I data
  • Report printing
  • Editing of flights in a large table
  • Administration of pilots (delete).
  • "Fit for flight" / "Fit for Instruction".
  • GUI is still rough, missing short-cuts just to name one detail.
  • Aeroplane type administration (CRUD).
  • Backup of data.
  • Exporting data i XML. XML DTD must be defined.

Version 2+

  • Be able to save locations with good thermal potential and construct a "Hotspot" map from the stored locations
  • Import from other logbooks.
  • Handle binary data, for instance pictures of turnpoints.
  • Maybe use M$ Access as database backend as many people probably already has it installed. Volunteers ?

Airlog: http://airlog.sourceforge.net
E-mail: Per Jensen or Frederik Hansen

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